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It’s fitting that I covered Julia Cameron’s thoughts on ‘real’ writers earlier in the week. I had my own personal variation on this theme. I had created a Facebook page about, well, what I showcase here – information about creativity, my own videos, photographs, writings and art. When I created the account I told Facebook I was a ‘writer.’ Much to my horror after the page was created the word ‘writer’ morphed into the word ‘author.’

Perhaps it’s a purely semantic game, but to me ‘writer’ and ‘author’ mean related but different things. An author is someone with a published book, surely? A writer is just someone who writes. I write, indeed I blog. It seems a silly reason not to make the Facebook page public but it was enough to keep it private for several months.

Today I decided to make the John Lacey Facebook Page public. There you will find photographs, artworks, blog posts, the Creative Concepts videos and more. If you’re interested you can ‘like’ the Facebook page here.

I must admit it was a little surreal looking at the Facebook newsfeed and seeing this…

Facebook: "... likes PJ Harvey and John Lacey."

Finally I just wanted to say thank you to Cynthia Harrison who has this amazing gift for leaving incredibly supportive messages on this blog on days when I’m struggling with things. Cynthia is the author of Your Words, Your Story – a wonderful primer on writing that takes into consideration a number of genres and styles of writing. Be sure to check out her blog too.

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  • Hm…I’ve heard my mother do long dialectic on the semantics of “writer” versus “author.” Notably she spent so much time on this she never got anywhere with either.

    I can’t really tell the difference, to be honest. And now that self-publication is easy and cheap, if not always advisable, I don’t think it really matters.

  • I know what you mean about the subtle difference in the words, and also the cringe when you saw author instead of writer. Now it’s writer again, I assume you know. I went there and got lost in FB and didn’t come back to finish reading your post until now. So, aww. And your support means just as much to me.

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