Hide Annoying Facebook Applications In Your News Feed

by John Lacey on January 31, 2010

I’ve often griped about Facebook. But the truth is once you deny access to 90% of the Facebook applications and hide anything ending with ‘Ville’ from your news feed, it gets back to being friends sharing thoughts and images with each other. And that is something I can appreciate.

Hide Annoying Facebook Applications In Your News Feed
You can’t control which applications your friends are using. But that doesn’t mean you should be notified every time they find a sad virtual animal walking across their virtual farm…

Simply move over the offending item in your news feed. You will see in the top right hand corner the word “Hide” will appear. Click on “Hide”. You will then be given the opportunity to either hide items from a particular person or those that relate to a particular application. Simply do this for each application you wish to remove from your news feed.

Check Your Application Settings
With a new year upon us it is worthwhile doing a quick spring clean of the Facebook applications that have access to your account.

Adjust Your Facebook Application Settings

Go to the “Settings” menu at the top of the screen and click on “Application Settings.” From here you are given the ability to sort the applications in different ways.

If there are any applications that you tried out for 30 seconds before deciding they weren’t for you, simply hit the little ‘x’ beside the application name. You will be prompted to confirm this action or cancel. (You are also given an opportunity to give the application a rating out of five stars to let other people know what you thought of it. This is optional.)

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