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What follows is primarily for the benefit of Cynthia.

After you log into Facebook by default you will see the ‘News Feed.’ This is just an aggregated overview of recent items about your Facebook friends. This is just an overview and the results are somewhat arbirtrary.

Facebook (Sort By Status) In the top left hand corner of the screen you will see a number of options that let you filter the information in other ways. You can sort by the networks you’re a part of (in this instance, Australia because I am Australian), by recent photographs, links and status updates.

To see recent status updates, simply click on that option. You’ll be presented with recent updates from your friends, starting with the most recent ones.

If you get to the bottom of the page and want to see even older updates, simply click on ‘Older Posts.’

Facebook Status Older Posts

If one of your friends posts so prolifically that they’re pushing other people’s updates out of view, you can hover the mouse over the corner of their update and select the ‘hide’ option.

Facebook (Hide Status Updates)

If you decide you’d like to show their updates in your feeds again, simply click ‘Edit Options’ [in the same bar that ‘Older Posts’ appears (see above)] and select the users you’d like to include.

I hope this helps. If you have any more questions please let me know!

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  • Thank you so much. I printed this whole post out so I can use it like a recipe. It seems so simple, but I know I’ll forget the minute I log in. So thank you!

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