Selected Works

Blogging and Articles
John has been blogging since 2006 and has written in excess of 500 blog posts and articles in this time. He writes extensively on creativity and online video, while also maintaining a personal blog.

Contributor to Entertain The Thought:
Sophie’s Wilderness [Download PDF]

Contributor to Somebody Think Of The Children:
ABC: Don’t Mention The War
Chaser’s War On Editing

Contributor to Podpocalypse

Online Video
John has been creating and sharing videos on the Internet (as JohnOfJordan) since 2007. His work has been featured on the Australian/New Zealand YouTube homepage and he is part of the YouTube Partnership program. At the time of writing he has in excess of a thousand subscribers on YouTube, his channel has received 29,190 views and his videos have been viewed 82,931 times on YouTube alone.
JohnOfJordan (YouTube)

Since 2009 John has also been publishing videos about creativity and his own creative processes.

Radio and Podcasting
John Lacey at Triple U FMJohn produced and hosted various radio shows on Triple U FM (since renamed Shoalhaven FM) between 1997 and 2000, including Whatever You Want which won Listener’s Choice award for Best Production in 1998.

John also produces and hosts The JOJCAST – a podcast about online video creators. The JOJCAST can be heard at and is also syndicated as part the Podpocalypse lineup. You can also find the JOJCAST listed in the iTunes directory.

John will be included in the Bound By The Secrets We Trust collection, scheduled for release by Desperanto in 2011.

John’s poetry has been included in two compilations produced by the Federation Of Australian Writers (Shoalhaven Branch).

“Midday, The River” (2002)
“Freaky Fantasies And Fun” (2003)

In 2004, John released Smoke and Mirrors a collection of his poetry in eBook format.

Photography and Design
John’s photography of Sophie B. Hawkins’ 2006 Australian tour was featured on the official Sophie B. Hawkins website and within promotional email.

John’s photography of the Kangaroo Valley Golf & Country Resort was used extensively in promotional material and has been featured in publications such as The Golfer and The Sydney Morning Herald.