Fixing The Calendar

My official return to studies is imminent. This will be the most advanced qualification I have attempted at this particular institution. Some of the course will be face-to-face but the bulk of it seems to be offered via an online learning environment. I am a bit angsty about it all. I’m not really sure of the width and the breadth of what I have to do. I want to know what I have to do. I want to get stuck in. I want to discover what comes to me easily and what I will struggle with, and start working towards strategies to tackle the latter.

But I have to wait. [Read More…]


EDCMOOC: Utopias and Dystopias Film Festival

I signed up some time ago to do the Coursera online course E-Learning and Digital Cultures (#edcmooc). I am going to blog some of my thoughts on the course over the next five weeks, starting with week one’s film festival about Utopias and Dystopias. [Read More…]


First Vector Portraits

Meloni (Vector Illustration)

I am still dragging my feet a little bit when it comes to blogging. A part of me wants this site to be a professional portfolio and another part wants the confessional stream-of-consciousness that is me blogging… This mostly leads to inertia. But, anyway, here are some vector illustrations I have been doing in Adobe Illustrator lately. [Read More…]


Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas!

I am not really one for Christmas cards but this year, fuelled by my new found Illustrator skills I decided to create this little image.

Thank you to everyone who has helped shaped this year. I hope you and your loved ones have a safe and prosperous holiday. Especially big thanks and well wishes to Cindy, Mary, Diana, Annabel, Mike and Teags, Angelina Davis (and the Basement Davises and the Neighbor Davises), Christine, Gai and Marty, Gil, Syl.


Relief Printing

In the second half of my Visual Arts course we did some printmaking. I want to talk about two of the projects I did during this time, and these were both relief prints. In relief printing you cut away from a board of some description and the sections you remove will be unprinted and the sections you leave behind will take the coloured ink. (Think ‘rubber stamp’ and you’ll get the general idea.) [Read More…]


It’s Good To Be Curious About Many Things…

I don’t know very much about PBS. I certainly don’t know much about Mister Rogers. I am both the wrong generation and the wrong geography. But I stumbled, quite accidentally, across some videos from PBS Digital Studios which really stirred me.

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

“Have a nice life,” said the husband of a woman from my art class as we met momentarily in the car park. It is the kind of expression that may have sounded flippant, but in context it was more matter-of-fact. We had finished our Certificate II in Visual Arts course and, because of changes to the funding arrangements to TAFE in NSW and the sheer busyness of our individual lives, it seemed unlikely we would really be running into each other again.

Group theory suggests there are different stages to a group’s lifecycle – forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. I find it interesting (perhaps as an occasional poet and lyricist) that it is that last part where the rhyming scheme breaks down. [Read More…]

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Turn Your WordPress Blog Into A PDF With BlogBooker

Cindy asked about turning a blog into something printable and although there are a few different options the one I am writing about today is probably the easiest.

BlogBooker (logo)

BlogBooker is a great site that takes your Blogger, WordPress or Livejournal blog and creates a printable PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file. The process is really straight forward. [Read More…]

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Blogger’s Block

I am such an advocate for blogs and blogging. I love the idea of blogs. I love the power and simplicity and sheer usefulness of RSS. I love using WordPress not just as a blogging platform but also has a Content Management System. So why am I not blogging? Why has it taken me so long to return to blogging?

The reasons are silly. So silly they are hardly worth mentioning. But, then, if I have learnt anything from Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way it is that little fears that are too insignificant to air stay exactly where they are, keeping you blocked.

The first was actually quite pragmatic. [Read More…]


Hello Blog

The worst thing about taking an extended break from blogging is the temptation to write that remorseful “I’ve been away, but I’m back, forgive me?” blog post. And it’s true. I have been away. Obviously. This is my first post for 2012 and it’s six months into that particular year. Initially I knew I would be moving webhosts so I didn’t want to make any big changes until that had happened (and yes there are parts of this new incarnation of the site that are still a bit buggy, bear with me). But more than that I have been busy. Insanely busy.

I loved studying so much last year that I decided to study again this year. Initially I intended to study Certificate IV in Digital Media Technologies and Certificate II in Visual Arts. But then, in the eleventh hour, the planets aligned to present me with an opportunity to study Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. I couldn’t not do that too. But suddenly I found myself studying three qualifications simultaneously. Four nights a week, three days a week. [As an aside I will say this – studying at night is quite different to studying during the day, and, if I’m being completely truthful, I doubt I would choose to study at night again.]

The good news? I have now finished the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course. I managed to successfully complete all my assessments for the other two courses too, and they will continue for the remainder of this year.

I don’t want to make any big promises regarding the frequency or the quality of the posts that will appear on this website. In a week’s time I will be back studying, and it is difficult to imagine what my schedule will look like. But I hope I will be able to share more of what is happening in my life.