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I’ve been doing something over the last couple of days that is unusual for me. I was hesistant to even bring it up because it sounds a little nutty. But basically I’m interested in… WORLD DOMINATION. Okay I’ve been watching too many episodes of Pinky And The Brain. I should probably take this back a few steps.

YouTube is the heart of my online video operations. It’s a good place to be. There’s a lot of traffic through that website and a community that has learnt to a greater or lesser extent to rate, comment and subscribe. Though if I’m being completely honest in some respects I’ve sometimes felt like a slave to YouTube, at their will and mercy. I decided earlier in the year that my content was my content (and that hopefully it had a value and merit all of its own, regardless where it ended up). So I decided 2010 would be the year I would start syndicating my video content more widely.

This has been a long time coming and even now is a race of ‘slow and steady’ movement. I started uploading JohnOfJordan videos to both YouTube and LiveVideo. (Though, honestly, LiveVideo does some pretty horrendous things to my video quality.) I then started a JohnOfJordan fan page on Facebook and was surprised to see that some people joined it. Uploading videos to Facebook is a pleasure and their video quality is beautiful. Facebook doesn’t require keyword tags either which is one less thing to think about. [As an aside I had never been a huge Facebook fan but I must say that their pages are amazing. I would probably use one over a NING Community, for example.] Then I uploaded some stuff to Vimeo. There’s a restriction on how much video you can upload to Vimeo in a week. This is sort of an incentive to upgrade to their premium services.

Even as I type I’m uploading a video to Tubemogul to syndicate it to other sites. Tubemogul is a great site where you can upload a video once and have it then be forwarded to a number of different video sites. (I especially recommend using their ‘BIG file uploader’ because it is resumable. If something happens with your connection you can hopefully pick up from where you left off.)

The goal here isn’t to build audiences on other video sharing websites. It’s really just about putting the content out in a lot of places to increase the likelihood of people stumbling upon it. And in some ways it’s about building incoming links to my websites (never forget to include a URL in your video descriptions so viewers can find out more about you).

I’ll be the first person to admit that a lot of the stuff I do has limited appeal. I’m not going out of my way to make people ‘like’ it. I doubt I could even if I wanted to. They’re going to watch it and reach their own conclusions. All I want to do is position my material in enough places that people are given the opportunity to make that evaluation for themselves.

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