A Lesson On Media Consumption

Darren Rowse of Problogger recently suggested that ‘text is king.’

He writes:

My Mum Doesn’t Get YouTube.

OK – perhaps Mum could work out YouTube if she put some time aside to learn – but recently I was talking to my family about online video and the blank stares that I got from my parents made me wonder if they’d ever watched a video online before. They’re not online all day every day but the majority of what they do is email and searching for articles on their subjects of interest with Google. They live in ‘text content land’ – right in the middle of it.

Your Mum Might Not Get Video, But Your 16 Year Old Nephew Doesn’t Believe In Reading…

I think if there is anything I’ve learnt in recent times it is that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to consuming media. It isn’t hard to write an article AND create a video AND create a podcast. I daresay contrary to popular belief the message is NOT the medium.

Personally I always receive more views/subscriptions when it comes to the content I create on YouTube than I do with the written content presented on my blog. (Even when the written content is, in my opinion, of a better quality.)

Also I wouldn’t discount Google’s desire to incorporate YouTube videos into its search results. Especially monetized videos. It has a vested interested in having that trickle up.

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