I’m sure we all know the song, that song.

Regrets, I’ve had a few
But then again, too few to mention
I did what I had to do and saw it through without exemption

Lots of people have recorded this song over the years. I kind of wonder who these people are that have had only ‘a few’ regrets and deemed those too insigificant to even rank a mention. I guess at some point you have to make peace with your choices and their outcomes.

I have regrets about things I’ve done and some things I haven’t done. I regret for example not auditioning for a certain nameless Australian television show. I really wanted to be a part of it but I wasn’t really sure I had much hope of getting through, so I procrastinated. Eventually the weekend before the deadline I decided to attempt it. Unfortunately by this stage time was most certainly not on my side. I worked hard to get my audition video done but in my haste I overlooked their specified criteria. I knew I couldn’t submit it as it was and I also knew it wouldn’t make much sense without the particular embellishments I’d have to remove to meet their criteria. Even worse I realised I couldn’t possibly complete the 20 odd pages of the application in the time I had left.

So I was left with a video I was really proud of and a feeling that it had all been for nought. Any fears I had of being rejected through their review process became instantly moot since I wasn’t able to submit anything at all. I may not have got through, but at least my video would’ve been seen by someone.

I include the video here. It is very Australia-centric and I imagine a lot of the references will be lost on those outside of Australia.

This is a video I recorded for a specific audition for something but then didn’t end up using… I thought I’d upload it here for the hell of it.

For the non-Australians “Kochie” is David Koch, an Australian television presenter on Channel 7 and “money expert.” The somewhat sensationally titled “101 Ways To Survive 2009” is actually a real book. (Similarly Kerry O’Brien is a news journalist on the ABC.)

Camera phone image from Flickr user jasonpratt. Music by Kevin McLeod Used by creative commons.

I want to distill some great wisdom from these experiences. There are certainly lessons about not procrastinating and operating inspite of fear. I guess really when you stop and look at your to do list and try to negotiate it consider which items you’ll regret not doing and work from there.

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