The Drama Queens (And Struggling Artist)

The Drama Queens (And Struggling Artist) post image

Metallic ScreamTrack 4 on Metallic Scream (the multimedia CD-ROM project I created in high school back in 1999).

The Drama Queens (And Struggling Artist)
Written by John Lacey.
Copyright © 1999 John Lacey. All Rights Reserved.

In the last few years of high school the cliques were more pronounced perhaps than they had ever been before. Areas of the playground were designated for particular groups and they all had their own names. The Drama Queens were as you might imagine a group mostly female and most interested in theatre. The thing I came to realise was that I didn’t really fit into any one of these groups. Indeed I hovered between them. And even though several different cliques were quite accommodating of me I never really felt like I fit in anywhere in particular.

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