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I’ve been digging into my personal archives this week. Perhaps I’ll tell you more about that next week… But for the time being I wanted to tell you about something I have decided to share with the world.

Metallic ScreamIn 1999 during my final year of high school I released, Metallic Scream – a multimedia CD-ROM which featured original poetry, software, video and music. This was really the first time in my life I had composed music. I had finally, after years of banging my head against the proverbial brickwall, finally made some sense of written musical notation and frustrated with my keyboard playing abilities decided to compose and notate the music straight onto staves in computer software.

This isn’t the greatest music in the world, not by any stretch of the imagination. But it was a start for me. I still look back at it with a sense of wonder. Somehow I managed to do something I had convinced myself I couldn’t possibly do. It is amazing the power that first artwork (whatever form it takes) has. Now you can no longer say “I can’t play” or “I can’t compose” because there’s a dripping canvas or a verse or chorus or something to prove that such statements can’t be true.

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[Note: For reasons I am unable to explain track 21 Udet Fell In With A Bad Crowd refuses to play in the flash player. Go to the song page to play it and read about the background of the song.]

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You can download the tracks (as a podcast) from the iTunes directory.

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  • Very cool that you’re putting this out there.

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