I make things. I write things. I record things. I design things. And while I enjoy (for the most part) those processes, there is always a little part of me that wants it to be received well. I crave validation. I can be hopelessly needy, I’ll own that.

If I’m being honest with you a number of things I had been working towards have stalled recently, because I am fearful of falling flat on my face. It is the worst kind of holding pattern to fall into because I know how stupid and counterproductive it is, but I manage to do it anyway…

At any rate my attention was drawn to the short film that appears below. It is cute and sweet. It is about validation of the individual, but I like to think it is equally applicable to validation of the artist.

Why did you stop smiling, or writing or drawing or playing or recording? Perhaps it is time to find a way to validate ourselves – and each other.

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  • @omegatron

    That video just made my night, thanks for sharing and I hope you find the validation you need in your own work, you’ve helped me 🙂

  • I know you will be brave with your projects. For me the willingness to fail is the first step. That’s what takes the courage. Even if I fail, which I so often do, at least I know I tried, and that’s a lot.

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