Tori Amos: Most People Don’t Show Up For Essence

Sometimes creativity can be a lonely business. You hide away in a lonely room working on your novel or writing that song or doing whatever it is you do, and eventually you release it to the world and hope it reaches an audience. It is easy to become discouraged if things don’t work out the way you had hoped they would.

Tori Amos:

Finding your voice is the most important thing you can do. Its different for each of us in this room. But you have to recognize when you’ve found yours or when you really haven’t and you’re just agreeing with everybody because it makes pops happy or it makes the girlfriend happy or it gets people off your back at work. You have to know, hang on a minute, what path am I following? And sometimes that’s a lonely walk. Sometimes everybody leaves you. Trust me, when the champagne is flowing, there’s a line out the door. Everybody’s there. But when it’s not – very few people are there. Because most people don’t show up for essence. They don’t show up for the art, for the work. They show up for the success. And once you begin to understand that then you really know what people are made of.

This interview is from Channel V’s Box Set series. I had hoped to link you directly to the relevant section of the interview from the site’s official content, however after watching an ad for some skin product I was informed that The Selected Video Is No Longer Available.

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