Sophie B. Hawkins: Desires Borne Of The Grieving Process

I spent much of the afternoon writing and remembering, as part of the Heartbroken and Grieving project. It surprised me how vividly certain memories came flooding back. This paragraph from a blog entry from Sophie B. Hawkins seems particularly fitting.

Sophie B. Hawkins:

Memories, all of them used to be painful, I’m sure many of you can relate to this. There are some sad moments on the new album, for sure, loss and longing for the reasons things happen the way they do when the feelings are unbearable, but also there are new strengths and completely unsuspected perspectives and desires borne out of the grieving process. We don’t get people back, we can’t relive a more innocent time, but we can create circumstances to enrich new relationships that vibrate who we are now, and we can let innocence safely flourish within others, and live it in our art, and make time for our own innocence to erupt.

Sophie B. Hawkins, John Lacey, Gigi GastonSophie B. Hawkins, John Lacey and Gigi Gaston

Sophie B. Hawkins has been one of the greatest sources of inspiration on this planet for me. Her music helped me survive a difficult time in my youth and her Australian tour in 2005 spurred on my interest in photography. When she returned to the country the following year, she complimented me on my photography and her team used many of the photographs I took on her official website and in email promotions.

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