Sir Ken Robinson’s Spiritual Argument

I recently had the joy and pleasure of attending a webinar featuring Sir Ken Robinson. I’ve mentioned Sir Ken Robinson on this blog before, but to many people he is probably best known for the talk he gave at TED, where he wondered if schools killed creativity.

[Annoyingly I was literally the next person in the queue to ask a question during the Q&A session of the webinar when they ran out of time. But otherwise it was a truly amazing and inspirational experience – I concede I’m a huge fan of this gentleman, I think the ideas he talks and writes about are truly revolutionary.]

The Element By Sir Ken RobinsonOne of the things I found most compelling was how Robinson suggests that finding your passion is about much more than just a career or a hobby, that it can really affect the quality of your life and interactions with others. He describes his book, The Element, in part as a spiritual argument.

Sir Ken Robinson:

There’s a big argument in the book about this, about energy. And one way to think about it is that some activities give you energy and some take them from you. Human energy isn’t static and it’s not limited. If you do things that you love to do you can be physically exhausted by it but spiritually uplifted. If you do things that you don’t love to do you can be physically stable – you know, not worn out by it – but spiritually depleted. And I’ve seen this all the time, people get to the end of the week and they do things they don’t like and they’re just kind of empty, spiritually. But other people do things they love to do and it’s that thing ‘I could’ve danced all night!’ you know if they kept their energy, if their physical bodies held up a bit longer.

So one way of thinking about the book is it’s a spiritual argument. Spiritual in the sense that all life is essentially energy and it’s about our internal spirits, how our spirits connect with other people that determines the course of our lives and the quality of our lives.

You can listen to a recording of the webinar session at

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  • I need to learn how to balance my energy better, so that I have some left over for the things I love after I do the things I don’t so much. Sometimes I feel so energized and I think, how if I could just put this in a bottle until I need it…

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