Lee Stringer: Addiction Does Not Grow You

When Lee Stringer appeared on Andrew Denton’s Enough Rope television show, Denton asked, “What was the rush of writing like compared to the rush of crack?”

Lee Stringer:

It was very close, except that the rush of crack was no longer a pleasant rush, it was just sensation. It was sensation, an instant paranoia, and then utter befuddlement. You couldn’t get from here to there. It was just too much sensation hitting you. This was like what I got off the first hit of crack, in a way, only it was saner and it was from connecting rather than disconnecting, and also the different – a lot of reporters like to say, “So you found a new addiction, huh?” and I understand that’s good copy, but it’s, the difference is that addiction does not grow you. Writing is just the opposite. Writing, at least for me, grows you, gets you on with it, helps you understand and process.

Lee Stringer is the author of Sleepaway School and Grand Central Winter.

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