Felicia Day: Celebrate People Not Waiting For Permission To Make Their Art

When Felicia Day won the Streamy Award for Best Female Actor in Comedy Web Series for her work in The Guild, she wowed the audience with a frank exploration of some of the challenges the web series faced and explained how being rejected by Hollywood was the impetus she needed to create her own art.

Felicia Day:

As an actor, I want to thank all the casting directors and directors and producers who rejected me horribly and never hired me and didn’t like the way I looked and thought I was nerdy. Because without them like beating me down into the ground and making me depressed I never would’ve picked up a pen and written my own thing, and did it myself around the system.

I feel like this is what this night is about, to celebrate people not waiting for permission to make their art.

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  • I love how she rose out of the rejection to make her own thing. Inspiring!

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