Closeup: Photographers At Work

I alluded to a documentary about photography earlier in the week. It was actually Ovation TV’s Closeup: Photographers At Work.

Even in this short selection of outtakes from the documentary you get a sense of the different approaches and philosophies taken by this selection of photographers. For some people it’s about creating a connection with your subject, for others it’s technical aspects, for others it’s about making your subject (the portrait sitter) comfortable. And at the end of this video you see a handful of amateur photographers who talk about their motivations for taking photographs. “It’s like one moment in time.”

Ovation TV have some great content. Check out their website and YouTube channel.

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  • What impresses me most about you John is the vast array of creative tools you fearlessly use–media, painting, phototography, writing, singing and playing music, even acting of a sort if you count your video monologues. You are just amazing and inspiring.

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