Annie Lennox: Some days I’m Thinking ‘I’m Rubbish’

I adore Annie Lennox. From her work with Dave Stewart in the Eurythmics to her solo efforts, I have enjoyed it all and found so much inspiration from her talents as a performer and songwriter. It is oddly comforting to know that she experiences much the same doubts that I do when she sits down to work on something.

Annie Lennox:

It’s weird. Some songs just come [explosive sound] like that, really really weird. This is what I’m saying about the preparation before the song. Very strange. Some days I’ll go to try to write a song and I’m thinking, ‘I’m rubbish. It’s really crap you know. I can’t do anything, anything at all.’ And it’s almost like this builds it up and [explosive sound] out comes a song.

If you haven’t heard Annie’s most recent studio album Songs of Mass Destruction you should really check it out. I daresay it’s the album of her career.

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  • I read an interview with her where she said some of the same things. Somehow, to know that a songwriter of her caliber has doubts make my own (Which I am really feeling today) more okay. Thanks for reminding me of this.

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