Adam Savage: Failure Is The Car You’re Driving

Mythbuster Adam Savage on success and failure:

Well so if failure gives you this kind of shape to your intuition, what does success give you? Well what is success? Success is moving forward. Success is being able to build on what you’ve done and continue to do it and move forward. So if I think of success as the road, I think of failure as the car you’re driving – it’s the car that I’m driving, at least. It’s the vehicle by which I move forward. Its those incremental steps. Because […] you never go in just one direction, you’re always getting knocked back, you’re always getting batted off to the side, you’re always trying to refind your bearings. And that’s super super important, super vital and I hope I’ve properly communicated it.

The whole Fora TV talk goes for about an hour but if you have the time it is worth watching.

Thanks to SleepyDumpling for the hat tip.

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  • Thanks for the link love! Adam has his own goofy wisdom that I really dig.

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