Notes on Brisbane Writers’ Festival

It is a bit remiss of me to have gone so long without posting here. I apologise. Since some people have been asking, I just wanted to say that the Brisbane Writers’ Festival was amazing. My trip to Brisbane in general was lovely, the Riverfire festival – an elaborate fireworks display over the water – was great fun. Some interesting (wonderful) stuff happened in my personal life while there too, though that is a bit outside of the scope of this blog [unless, for some reason, it ends up in the memoir].

As I imagined I didn’t quite get around to attending everything on my list, but for the most part what I did attend was really good. The Creativity: Art or Science? session was much less about creativity – at least in the fashion that I understand it – and much more about science. (I haven’t been so bewildered since high school physics class.) The REEF e-book digital fiction project was fascinating and will be the subject of a future post on this website.

The Not Tonight Honey: Conversations with Richard Fidler Live session was particularly entertaining. It was a show within a show as we witnessed not only a fascinating conversation about the female libidio in both literature and research with Bettina Arndt and Linda Jaivin, but also the machinations of a live radio broadcast. You can download this conversation as a podcast from the Conversations website or via iTunes.

There was an intimate and unexpectedly wonderful series of readings at Greystone Bar. Tom Cho and Stuff White People Like creator Christian Lander both gave hilarious and animated readings. (By the end of Tom Cho’s reading I didn’t want to buy his book so much as buy a recording of him reading it. Truly a comedic genius!)

While I didn’t have the opportunity to attend any sessions featuring David Williamson (arguably Australia’s most celebrated playwright) I confess I was completely starstruck passing him in the reception area of the State Library of Queensland. I remember studying his play The Removalists in high school and really enjoying it – unlike much of the other material I was subjected to in my English class.

A wonderful experience! There will be at least one or two future posts about – or inspired by – sessions from the Brisbane Writers’ Festival so stay tuned (subscribe via RSS) for more!

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  • First I read the post, but I liked the video of you reading about being smitten even more, so I know what you mean about Tom Cho.

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