All I Want For Christmas

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All I want for Christmas is… you. Well, okay, that’s not entirely true. Which isn’t to say you’re not wonderful and that I don’t appreciate you. Of course I do! You take the time to read what I write here and I can’t think of anything better than that! But there are also some other things I want too…
All I Want For Christmas: JVC Picsio, Slik Mini Tripod, Rode ProcasterThe JVC Picsio. Small enough to take anywhere, but without compromising on quality, this little beauty can shoot full 1080P high definition video and take 8 megapixel photographs.
Slik Mini Tripod. Large tripods can be handy, but sometimes all you need is a little height and manoeuvrability and the use of a sturdy table. Again, portability is the prize here – you don’t want to carry a whole studio setup with you when you’re on, say, holidays for example.
Rode Procaster. An affordable broadcast quality microphone. A welcome step up from the little microphone I use to record my podcasts with at the moment. (Preferably with optional PSM1 shock mount.)

Less Tangiable Things. Inspiration. Courage. Gratitude. Faith. An audience. A creative community. Good friends. New experiences. A lust for – and comedic enjoyment of – life. The ability to take myself less seriously…

Okay, so I say “the ability to take myself less seriously” but, honestly… Well, I think this still shot from a future Christmas collaboration video speaks volumes.

John Lacey "Taking Himself Less Seriously" With Antlers

[I’m telling everyone who sees this picture that I “take all my fashion cues from Lady Gaga.”]

What do you want for Christmas? Tell me in the comments… Even if you think you have no hope of getting it. Dream often and dream well.

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  • Gedulous

    Hmm… dream often, dream well? Then have the Christmas elves deliver me the following:

    1) A fully optioned up alienware M17x laptop (solid state drives, quad core, SLI graphics, 8GB RAM, 64-bit Win7 ultimate)
    2) Sonar 8.0 Producer Edition
    3) Canon XH-A1s full HD video camera
    4) Avid Mojo SDI rig
    5) Rode NTG-3 + Blimp
    6) 2x HS80M monitors + 2x Genelec 8030A monitors
    7) Navara Dual Cab ute with Canopy

    ….. Or not.

    This is the wish list, but I have no illusions about any of these wishes coming true.


  • I want this:

    Been told I can’t have it because I’m not allowed to choose my own present. >:(

  • Joshua Withers

    I want so much … but I’ll be happy if I get to spend sometime with some caring people somewhere. My expectations get lower each day … it’s possible that coffee by myself will suffice.

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