What Is Wrong With You?

I don’t get a lot of feedback but this gave me a chuckle. (Please note what follows contains some very colourful language, read at your own peril.)

Everyone's A Critic

There’s really only one part I would like to take the time to refute, namely that the model for that picture was (as the commentator puts it) a ‘retard.’ I can assure they aren’t and if anything in my rendering of this subject gave that impression for that I apologise. That certainly wasn’t my attention.

But yes thanks for the comment. Glad I could help you kill a few minutes… lol.

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  • Just block his IP. The entire point of that post is trolling, and it’s likely the poster had no idea what in the hell he was talking about. He’d have written something equally hateful to the crayon stuck up his nose.

    It’s OK to protect yourself from idiots, and the Internet, it’s almost mandatory that you deny troll posts attention, since that’s the only currency they get.

  • LOL ok so that? Cracks me up. What is with people who are so hateful? Halcyon Styn was talking about a troll in a recent video of his on youtube. He thinks trolls are a lot like toddlers who are just figuring out they can make things happen via their actions, but they don’t really grasp the point yet. The good news is, I have known some trolls who actually outgrew it and realized people like them a lot more when they just act like human beings. THERE IS HOPE!

  • I have had similar comments re: writing not drawing. (I just delete them). People can be so rude! You handled it well.

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