Wayson Choy: Your Story Is Absolutely Worth Telling

I thought after yesterday’s rant, we should have something slightly more inspirational and upbeat.

Wayson Choy:

In all my writing, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, my feeling is I’m building a bridge. I’m a unique person in my way, as other people are unique in theirs. And when I read a book I always say to myself, “I want to understand this particular uniqueness that’s not me but that is part of the range of human behaviour.” And so when I write my books I hope that somebody reads my book, crosses boundaries that they hadn’t thought of before and explored, and was empathetic to a human being that really is an awful lot like them.


I would say your story is absolutely worth telling. Don’t even hesistate to think otherwise, but remember you can only tell your story if you have the craft and learn the craft of writing. Because it is an artform and having said that, I think you deserve the chance to tell your story and you should. I think some people say, “Nothing happened to me.” But if they really think about – especially when they realise how they got to where they are now, and they are honest – they have much to tell and they should tell it.

Wayson Choy is the author of Not Yet: A Memoir of Living and Almost Dying.

Choy almost died. Twice. After suffering multiple heart attacks and a severe asthma attack in 2001, he literally had to learn how to relearn how to speak, write and walk.

So whether I write 50,000 words this month or not, I take great comfort in the knowledge that I didn’t die… or almost died.

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