The Family That Creates Together

Mary Richert recently celebrated Thanksgiving with her family. Now Thanksgiving is not a celebration we observe in Australia though Martha Stewart has made me aware that consuming Turkey is a major element of this custom. Something that is perhaps less widely observed is getting together as a family to make stop motion movies, though this is exactly what Mary and her family did.

From Mary’s Twitter:
Mary Richert Thanksgiving Collaboration

The family created six stop motion videos. You can watch them all on Mary’s YouTube channel.

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  • Hey, I was just catching up on my blog reading and saw this post. Thanks for sharing these videos! We had a lot of fun making them together. This is just the type of thing that makes my family who we are as a group, so that’s what I’m grateful for. You totally don’t have to be American to celebrate Thanksgiving, too. I think it should be a worldwide holiday! 😀

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