Paula Scher: Solemn Versus Serious

Sometimes I go looking for things to watch online. I balked at watching the video I embed above. Ironically it proved to be one of the most fascinating things I have stumbled across in some time.

It seems deeply counter-intuitive that you could have ‘serious’ play, that somehow you could be serious by having fun. And I think it’s great that Paula Scher makes this distinction between seriousness and solemnity. Because I think most of us think they mean the same thing.

Taking your art seriously isn’t about developing a serious tone. It’s about making your artistic practice a priority within your life. It’s about respecting your ideas enough to honour them, to let them develop and to follow them to see where they might lead.

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  • I like how you put this–as someone who for so long used to think “Who am I to be published?” I know how easy it is for artistic souls to not respect or honor the creative parts of their lives.

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