Necessity: The Mother Of Invention

I recently had the opportunity to talk to video creator Jake Garrison. During the interview he told me about an instance in which necessity forced him to approach a creative project differently, and the entertaining results this problem created.

Jake Garrison:

I had this audio recording that I had done for a show that I was in, Too Close For Comfort. And I just loved this song. And I had originally planned to do the music video where I was the character that was singing and then there’d be two other people playing the guy and then the girl that’s persuing the guy. And I had tried to get them up, tried get them together so that we could do this music video. It was all going to be pretty much the same – it was gonna be a guy playing the girl and all that. And I realised one night, there’s no way I’m going to get these guys together, my project is due in a week, so I decided ‘what the heck!’ I’m going to do the whole thing myself. So the entire thing was shot by me, it was sung by me, it was edited by me, it was directed by me and that was my first major video project.

Through some clever costumes Jake appeared as the vocalist, the love interest and the girl, sometimes (with the help of thoughtful editing) appearing as multiple characters within the same frame.

Have constraints – such as time limits and availability of people – changed the way you’ve worked? How did it affect your creative process? Did you need to think a little more laterally than usual?

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  • nothing like as creative as he did, but i have resorted to writing in class while students work on their assignments. with no computer, in longhand, getting continuous interruptions, trying to hide what i’m doing because it’s a romance and words like sex and naked and so forth are scrawled all over the page…i was thinking my last such effort yesterday would be such crap but i typed it up today for nano and it wasn’t as bad as i thought. bad but not the worst ever.

  • Same here. When I’m at work… on my lunch of course *grin*… I write out my thoughts, generally shorthand, on paper. Then when I get home, after the kids hit the sack, I type it in and add whatever hits my brain.

    Yesterday, not so great. No words. At all. The most I got out was 250 words for the prompt on Writer’s Digest… then NOTHING.

    Today, though, much better. Writing it out on paper first – no backspace key there.

  • I really really really need to search for my name more often! 😛

    Thanks for the promo!

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