Motivational Issues

I know some people who are incredibly self-motivated. They have an idea and immediately start working on something and don’t stop until they’re finished. They often forego sleep to meet their desired outcomes. Man, I wish I was one of those people…

I came across this video from YouTube user ScratchingCat today.

Without really reflecting upon my own motivation/procrastination (something I’ll save for another time*), a thought occurs to me. Is there any benefit to identifying/labelling your own behaviour? I mean, on the one hand you could identify your personality traits and perhaps establish strategies to work inspite of those. But on the other hand there is an opportunity to explain or justify an inability to get things done. You can say “I would love to do that, but I’m a procrastinator.” And then there is this thing with “self-sabotage.” It is a remarkably common expression but how many people go around sabotaging themselves? The whole idea strikes me as quite curious indeed.

[* And yes I realise the irony of postponing a reflection on my own procrastination.]

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  • You make me laugh John and what I like about your comments is your humility and doubt. I am always amazed about all those people who try to be the source of all wisdom. How do they know? Life is too unpredicatable and the mystery is the best bit.

  • lol for the asterik.

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