Margaret Fabrizio: Commitment, Not Complaining

This video seems very timely for me. As Margaret explains creative people are bombarded with ideas and projects they’d like to do and sometimes this can overwhelm us to the point where we don’t do anything at all. (I chuckled because like Margaret I sometimes play solitaire to distract myself.)

I’ve been dabbling in a lot of things lately. Playing with different types of art supplies has made the process fun, but it doesn’t necessarily lead to good results. Similarly I run the risk of spending more time shopping for novel art tools than I do on actually creating art. I’ve decided to narrow my interests a little for the time being. I’m going to put most of my energy and time into pencil sketching (inspired by DVD instruction from Lee Hammond) and acrylic painting. I’m going to work on those things and see where they end up. (Perhaps where I end up.) I’m going to work on developing specific skills relevant to these activities. And all other distractions – such as an interest in Chinese Calligraphy – will go into the ‘maybe someday’ pile.

There’s really quite a lot to be said about the momentum created through action and the pleasure of being lost in your own process. Happy creating!

[Thanks to Mo Mapes at Lovin’ Mixed Media for bring this video to my attention.]

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  • Inspiring! I loved “pick one thing” and “don’t complain.” I needed this right now-taking a break from novels, I have decided on my “one thing” and I’m not going to complain, as I usually do with this “one thing” but put in the hour every day and see what develops.

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