JVC Picsio: A Christmas Miracle!

JVC Picsio: A Christmas Miracle! post image

You may remember that I recently wrote about the things I wanted for Christmas. One of those was the JVC Picsio video camera. Well I have a wonderful story to share with you about that…

I was looking at the camera in a local electronics store. It was beautiful. I knew I wanted it. I also knew that I couldn’t justify the expense. (For the last two years I’ve voluntarily taken leave from the work force to devote time to creative endeavours. This has enriched me spiritually, but left my bank balance in a terrible way.) I took a brochure about the camera away with me. Eventually I went online to find out more about the camera.

I discovered much to my delight that JVC Australia were running the Share A Moment competition. They were giving away one of the cameras every day until Christmas. I went through the archives looking for something worthy of the competition and I discovered some old footage of Koalas at a local animal park…

I had intended to ask everybody I knew to vote for my video. However I misunderstood so much about the contest. I asked a bunch of YouTube friends to vote for the video and they did. I had intended to launch a full blown campaign but before I could do that I discovered quite by sheer dumb luck that I had won their daily prize for the day I uploaded the video. I was completely blown away!

Today the camera arrived in my mailbox.

JVC Picsio and John Lacey

Winning the camera was truly wonderful and I look forward to using it. But what really touched me was how responsive and supportive people I knew via the Internet – often people I had not met ‘face to face’ – were towards me and my efforts. And I think that is probably what I am most grateful for, to be surrounded by people who are creative and supportive of other people’s creativity. I am grateful that I have access to a technology like the Internet where I can publish my work and share my thoughts and have access to libraries of great materials.

I’ve read many “gift ideas for artists” type articles in the past week and it only really reaffirmed for me the importance of the less tangible gifts. Things like support and encouragement. They don’t cost anything, particularly, not in monetary terms, and yet they are invaluable. Just a line or two can make all the difference. “I believe in you” or “You should keep going” or “I think you have talent.”

But tools like the JVC Piscsio are, of course, quite helpful too…

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  • what an inspiring story! and i adore those koalas!

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