John Cogan: Ideas Are Everywhere!

It seems funny that I have an ‘inspiration’ category on this blog because actually most of the time the stuff I publish within it isn’t really inspiration so much as encouragement. And not because I’m a naturally optimistic Ned Flanders type character, but exactly because the opposite is true. I get discouraged a lot. I post the stuff I post there mostly for my own benefit, to sort of egg myself on even on those days when I feel like giving up…

I make this distinction between ideas and encouragement to preface this video from John Cogan. [I really enjoy watching his One Minute Art Class videos on YouTube.] John makes the observation that ideas are in fact everywhere! The challenge isn’t so much finding an idea, so much as committing to just one and developing it. The important skill in many respects is respecting your current idea enough to devote all your time, energy and attention to it in the present moment.

You can learn more about John Cogan at his website.

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