It’s Good To Be Curious About Many Things…

I don’t know very much about PBS. I certainly don’t know much about Mister Rogers. I am both the wrong generation and the wrong geography. But I stumbled, quite accidentally, across some videos from PBS Digital Studios which really stirred me.

Mister Rogers Remixed – “Garden of Your Mind”

Imagine every person that you see is someone different
from every other person in the world
Some can do some things
Some can do others
Did you ever think about the many things you’ve learnt to do?

Did you ever grow anything in the garden of your mind?
You can grow ideas in the garden of your mind

Bob Ross Remixed – “Happy Little Clouds”

You can almost paint with anything
All you have to do is practice
There are no limits here
Start out by believing here

This is your world
You’re the creator
Find freedom on this canvas
Believe that you can do it because you can do it

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  • One of the great thing about having children is that you get to watch kids programming again without guilt. My older son loved Mr. Rogers and so did I! My younger son thought he was a dork. His word, not mine. Mr. Rogers wasn’t around when I was a kid, neither was Sesame Street! Son #2 approved of Cookie Monster. I could sit and watch those programs with my kids and it was like having beginner’s mind again. Now to see this after my kids are grown makes me realize, damn I am really old:)

  • Oh, I’m so happy you discovered both of these things. Both Mr. Rogers and Bob Ross were people that made the world a better place.

    Also, PBS is the original crowd-funded television. It’s how I got to see Doctor Who as a child. It’s programming that people in the US are willing to raise their own funds to see, rather than the commercially driven hit or miss stuff of most other tv networks.

    Does Australia do the crowd-funded TV thing too, or is it all private networks, or is it like BBC where the government funds the big one?

    • We have the ABC which is government funded in the same way the BBC is in the UK. [ABC is how we see Doctor Who and ABC Radio National even broadcasts This American Life.] Additionally we have SBS (“Special Broadcasting Service”) which is partially funded by the government and partially funded by advertisers. SBS actually has very specialised niche programming, from a multicultural perspective, featuring shows from all over the world in various languages.

      The rest of the television stations are commercial entities.

      There are a few ‘community’ television channels which are funded by donations but these are few and far between and only broadcast to small areas. There was one in Sydney when I lived there, I used to listen to a French pop music on it for some reason.

  • We have those little, limited broadcast ones, too. We call those “public access” channels. Larger cities tend to have more of them and some commercial shows have been picked up after someone did a public access one. Most of them serve specific immigrant or religious communities, but some are more general and creative – like the one that was a call-in Scrabble show. I also found one show that was like an old-school video jockey show and found some really cool stuff I wouldn’t have via Youtube.

    Your government supplies you Doctor Who. They must do something right! 🙂

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