I Can Barely Find The Keys…

I wrote this song for my friend David’s 21st birthday. It is very short and funny and completely tongue-in-cheek.

So I woke up this morning
Decided I would write this song
For my friend is getting older
And that’s where my thoughts do belong
And I’m sure if you did know him
Then I’m sure that you’d agree
No one deserves a happy birthday
Quite as much as Davey
But here’s the thing…
I can’t sing
I can barely find the keys
If you know what I mean

I was debating whether or not to include it on this blog (perhaps with a commentary on the perils of being an amateur musician) but it has since taken on a new significance.

It seems this will be the last thing ever recorded with my beloved Roland EM-20 Keyboard. It is acting up. The F# and G keys above Middle C don’t function at all. But even when I strategically play around these offending keys, it produces extraneous tones and sounds like it is going to explode.

It is a bit sad really, this keyboard had been my constant companion for the last eight or nine years after a very generous man bought it for me. What posessed him to do such a thing is still slightly beyond me but it was such a lovely gift – both the instrument itself and the gesture, the way he supported my creativity. I wrote lots of songs on it. I recorded a short improvised piece on it for YouTube and it was subsequently featured on the Australian/New Zealand homepages and earned in excess of 17,000 views and some very encouraging comments.

I played it when I was excited and I played it when I was sad. I used to play particularly percussively when I was angry or frustrated. I don’t want to get too emo right now but it does feel like I’m missing a limb. Alas.

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  • sorry about your keyboard but so glad you posted the video, it made me smile.

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