Gever Tulley: Sweet Success Or Gleeful Calamity

Gever Tulley, creator of The Tinkering School, speaking at TED:

Nothing ever turns out as planned … ever. (Laughter) And the kids soon learn that all projects go awry — (Laughter) and become at ease with the idea that every step in a project is a step closer to sweet success, or gleeful calamity. We start from doodles and sketches. And sometimes we make real plans. And sometimes we just start building. Building is at the heart of the experience. Hands on, deeply immersed and fully committed to the problem at hand. Robin and I, acting as collaborators, keep the landscape of the projects tilted towards completion. Success is in the doing. And failures are celebrated and analyzed. Problems become puzzles and obstacles disappear.

Can you imagine how different your life might be if you started celebrating your failures?

The mind boggles… and that’s kind of the point.

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  • I am thinking i need to celebrate my failures more.

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