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A lot of blogs feature ‘link roundups’ and this has been something I’ve been reluctant to do in the past. However ocassionally something really interesting will flash across in front of me that doesn’t necessarily warrant a whole blog post on its own but is still worth sharing. So I’m not sure if this will become a regular thing here or not, but in the meanwhile I hope you enjoy these links!

The Mushrooming Of Art Prizes
Australian sculptor Adam Rish has a fascinating rant on Radio National’s Artworks program about the injustices of art prizes.

Adam Rish:

In place of philanthropy in the arts we have seen over the past twenty years the mushrooming of art prizes. These masquerade as institutional support but are really instead rigged nepotistic lotteries which are substantially funded by the artists themselves through their entry fees. This is the reason for the growth of the prizes as they cost the institutions little and gain them much in terms of free product, attendance fees, free publicity – and it’s all under the guise of support for the arts.

Being Different Fosters Different Perspectives
At Psychology Today, Nigel Barber has written a fascinating article The secret of creativity: An oblique perspective. He notes a link between ‘otherness’ and divergent thinking.

Nigel Barber:

Being an immigrant, being androgynous, or being gay, are all dimensions of otherness, of not quite fitting in with mainstream social categories. Just as people from different countries perceive social interactions differently, so males see the world from a different perspective than women do and these gender filters are a complex amalgam of biology and social amplification.

Even Manta Rays Can Work In Film, TV
This is one of the most amusing and extraordinary things to come to my attention last week. Watch as a Manta Ray steals a camera from an underwater cameraman, does some videography and then – amazingly – returns the camera without so much as a scratch near the boat.

John Lacey Drawing By Sharon (@Inamusement)Somebody Drew Me!
For those not in the know Dailybooth is a site that encourages users to take a photograph of themselves once every single day. For someone who likes drawing people from photographs this has been an invaluable resource. I often draw my friends from their pictures and then share those drawings on the same site.

Recently however the tables have been turned, somebody drew a picture of me. Sharon (@Inamusement) drew a picture of me and she did an amazing job. Check it out!

Paradise Fields Forever
To celebrate 8 years of her blog A Writer’s Diary, Cynthia Harrison is giving away 10 copies of her poetry collection Paradise Fields. You can also download an electronic version of the collection. Congratulations Cindy! I’m interested to see what the next two years of A Writer’s Diary brings.

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  • I love the drawing Sharon did of you…and thanks for the good wishes on my 8 year anniversary. Just this morning I closed the contest and will be mailing your book (and nine more!) out next week.

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