Creative Bribes

In The Right To Write Julia Cameron describes them as ‘cheap tricks.’ She writes:

Tired as we may be of hearing about our “inner children,” I do know that the part of me that writes is young, vulnerable, and easily swayed. My writer can be easily discouraged, as today, by someone’s passing comment. Conversely, my writer can be easily cheered, encouraged, even bribed. I use a lot of cheap tricks to bribe my writer into production. For example, I have multiple “writing stations” scattered throughout my house and, for that matter, my town.

I’m sure people who have done NaNoWriMo will appreciate the truth of this piece of wisdom.

PretentiousDave's Revision Strategy

I was amused and impressed to see a great example of this. My friend PretentiousDave decided to reward himself with a mince pie for every 300 words he completed on a university essay. (Though I’m told this was later reworked to happen after every 1000 words.)

What ways do you use to bribe your inner creative?

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  • I use a combination of logic (“If you don’t start, you’ll never finish”) and astrology (“Mercury’s retrograde. Good time to revise.”) I know. I’m a walking contradiction.

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