Classroom Community Of Writers

St Ninian’s Primary School in Stirling, Scotland, introduced a “Writing For Real” program. The headteacher explains:

When I first came here as headteacher, 7 years ago, it was my vision to create a community of writers here at St Ninian’s. It was my aim to get children so skilled in writing that they would be able to help one another when they were writing their books.

Part of this particular approach to writing, that we call Writing For Real, means that children actually publish their books, and they dedicate their books to other people. And they write from the start, with the assumption that their books are going to be read and reviewed by other people, and so there’s real purpose in what they do from the outset of the writing.

I particularly loved the way the students read each other’s books and offer feedback via post-it notes.

From Learning And Teaching Scotland

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  • This has inspired me to try something similar with my own students.

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