Bound By The Secrets We Trust

Some of my writings were included in a book. Here’s a video of me opening and holding said book for the first time! [This video was recorded on an iPod Touch.]

Bound By The Secrets We Trust is the third book in Scott Faithfull’s Bound By The Secrets anthology series with each book benefiting a different charity. This book features the poetry of Felino A. Soriano, Michael Mc Aloran, Nahshon Cook, Peycho Kanev, Stephen Coltin, Tina Barton, Zhivka Baltadzhieva, Cristina Umpfenbach-Smyth, Tyler Malone, Henry Lui, Petar Yanev, Glenn Flintrop, Chris Cole, John Lacey, Lisa Marie MacClellan Kay, Keith Landrum and Frank A. Bella.

For more information and links to buy the book see the the official Desperanto page.

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  • Isn’t that an awesome feeling, opening a book that has your work in it? I’m always surprised at my own squee when that happens. Congratulations!

  • Love the cover (and title) but even more your video captures that excited feeling of first seeing your name in print!

  • Just bought it from Amazon! My first “real” book in a while. Will give you a review when I read it:)

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