Bob Brookmeyer On Starting The Process

This video comes from Artists House Music and features composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and music educator Bob Brookmeyer. He talks about a lot of different things in the course of this video but the part that interested me the most was about what he did to actually start the process of composing.

Bob Brookmeyer:

I joked with my wife, I told her I figured something out in the bathroom. So she put out a scorebook and a pencil – at least then you get an idea. I sometimes warm up with whole notes just to get pencil contact and anything that will start the process.

There are two great ideas distilled here. Firstly be ready to work with inspiration whenever and wherever (in this instance, the bathroom) it hits. Secondly get into a habit of ‘showing up’ and going through the process perhaps with a warm up exercise of your own; something that is conducive to your own creative process.

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  • … couldn’t agree more .. something all creative people have to come to terms with… how to start the process … it may be different for each person or creative modality, but one of the key points is to be ready when it hits you .. and it usually hits you at the most awkward moments …
    the trick is, to know that these moments are coming and find your personal method to respond to it ..
    .. cheers .. Dieter

  • yeah it is so amazing what sometimes happens when you are SURE nothing will if you just start.

  • Nope. I draw the line at the bathroom. I don’t even let my kids in there. *grinning* Mine usually hits in the middle of the night… hence the notepad both on the nightstand (for short ideas that fling in through the window) and on the kitchen counter (for the the big ones from dreamland).

    Great post.

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