Sometimes I Take Inspiration From Nature

Sometimes I Take Inspiration From Nature post image

Sometimes I take inspiration from nature.
I wonder what nature takes inspiration from…?

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I was having one of those days when everything that could go wrong did. Even attempting to write about my woes in blogform didn’t seem to help. Eventually I decided I was going crazy and needed to get out of the house. So I did. There’s an area of bushland near my house and I like to walk around there sometimes. There are steps heading down the cliff fashioned out of sandstone. I made my way down one of these sets of stairs. I suddenly realised I wasn’t alone, I could hear something – but what?

There in front of me were not one but two Lyrebirds. Majestic brownly coloured birds renowned for their ability to mimick sounds. Clearly these birds took inspiration from everything – from machinery, from other birds, whatever they could hear was fair game!

We all seek originality, we all want a voice and an expression that is somehow uniquely ours. But we have to appreciate that we are in some ways small continuances in much larger artistic traditions and within humanity itself. And it’s not like fellow travelers were staring and pointing and shouting, “What derivative nonsense!” The performance was astounding, the tribute compelling, the technique hard to imagine… and what other animal would’ve had the creativity to showcase and juxtapose such a collection of sounds?!

What do you take inspiration from?

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  • Julia Cameron herself says that few things are truly original so there’s no use worrying about it. If it comes from you, that’s original enough!

    I take inspiration from the new. I am always seeking new experience, details I never saw or noticed before. Also, shiny objects and bright colors help.

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