Just Get Started!

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“Just get started!” It’s an instruction often heard during Tim Pychyl’s iProcrastinate podcast. And frankly it is good advice… When I admitted to wanting to paint some years ago I went as far as buying art supplies but no further. I couldn’t bring myself to start – and, perhaps most annoyingly, I didn’t understand why.


So, yes, there is power in starting… The one thought I’d leave you with is that every day, every page, every paragraph, every sentence, every word, every line, every brushstroke, every (whatever) is a kind of new beginning. Just get started, and then do it again.

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  • I love it! This video is so cute. I’m really glad you finally went through with it. This is a great reminder of why we create. I joke about wanting to be famous (ok yeah I do want other people to appreciate what I do), but the core of our creativity is the joy it brings us. Fabulous video. <3

  • Happy New Year! Your joy in finally putting brush to canvas is delightful to witness.

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