Honeymoon And The Gap

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It’s one thing to discover you’re in ‘the gap’, and yet another to realise the honeymoon is over. What’s the solution when you’re taking two steps forward and three back?

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We entertained Ira Glass’s ideas about Good Taste and The Gap recently. The gap is, frankly, a pretty sucky place to be and the only way past it is through it. But I wanted to talk about another phase that I have detected in my own creative endeavours and that’s the honeymoon period. You don’t really know what you’re doing, you don’t have technique, you might not even know much about what you’re trying to do. And yet in this stage everything seems so fun and exciting, and remarkably sometimes you have moments of sheer dumb luck in which you create something magical. But what happens when you move out of the honeymoon period?

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  • John! I love this video and the Ira Glass video so much that I am actually making a response to you. Yes! Love it!

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