What A Difference…

I thought I would blog while I was in an uncharacteristically good mood. It’s funny because only an hour ago I was feeling sad, depressed, restless… I noted (on Twitter) that I was feeling sad but I was going to paint anyway. So I did.

I’m sure my mind works in mysterious ways, certainly ways that seem bewildering and wonderful to me. It will just collect random pieces of information to be used ‘some day.’ Until that day they just remain random data. Then, suddenly, and rather miraculously, a penny will drop, something will stick, bits of information from widly diverse disciplines will coincide in an almighty “A-HA!” moment.

These moments seem as rare as they are wonderful. Most of the time it seems like I’m stumbling in the dark, that I’m making it all up as I go along and that it is painfully obvious for all to see.

Tonight’s painting session was gratifying on several levels. Certainly I felt like the painting itself was going well (at least in terms of my expectations and experience), but more than that I felt like I was learning so much. All these little things I’d be thinking and reading about just seemed to come together in front of me. Using acrylic paints in a watercolour style, blocking in areas of colour, sketching with a paintbrush, underpainting, blurring some brushstrokes and leaving others as distinct.

It made me reflect on my reasons for blogging, for sharing this journey. It was never about showing work per se, it was about documenting my attempts and my learning. I want to document my artistic history, and I hope that others might get something out of it too.

In other news… Some of my poetry will be featured in a new collection (scheduled for release in 2011) titled Bound By The Secrets We Trust. Follow the link for more information.

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