Watercolour Experiment

When I paint with acrylics I paint on stretched canvases or canvas boards. This is great, but I wanted to make more portable artwork – things I could post easily to people all around the world (hence my interest in Artist Trading Cards and Watercolour postcards).

But, like anything, learning a new medium comes with its own stumbling blocks and learning curve. The one thing I was particularly worried about was stretching paper. It seemed an entirely mysterious process to me and every book I consulted seemed to have a slight variation on how it should be done. Eventually I bought some watercolour gummed brown tape and found the video below, and eventually I managed my way through the process.

The paper didn’t buckle so I guess the stretching was a success. Though I don’t think much of the picture of itself…

Watercolour Experiment

2011 feels increasingly like the year of the beginner. Everything I do feels like I’m doing it for the first time, and quite often the results reflect this too. I’m trying to take my output less seriously. I want to experiment more, and produce more… and be less neurotic about the quality, and more dedicated to the quantity. But it is challenging…

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  • I think you’d love Patti Smith’s book Just Kids–her attitude toward art is similar to yours!

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