Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas!

I am not really one for Christmas cards but this year, fuelled by my new found Illustrator skills I decided to create this little image.

Thank you to everyone who has helped shaped this year. I hope you and your loved ones have a safe and prosperous holiday. Especially big thanks and well wishes to Cindy, Mary, Diana, Annabel, Mike and Teags, Angelina Davis (and the Basement Davises and the Neighbor Davises), Christine, Gai and Marty, Gil, Syl.

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  • Thank you John! You have enriched my life in 2013. (Finally using tags and created the book/blog too:) Merry Christmas to you my friend!

  • I’m so happy I saw this, however belatedly. I’m locked up in bed with a horrible knee/hamstring issue feeling sorry for myself. Thank you for the welcome boost – and I am of course still rooting for you in your creative path!

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