Learnable Offers $10 Million Of Web Development and Design Training To Australian Students

I know I don’t blog enough often. (I realise too that the title of this blog post is super long.) But some news came along that was too good not to share.

That great hub of online web design and development education Learnable is offering $10 million worth of free 3-year memberships to current Australian students. All you have to do is fill in the sign up form and scan and upload some form of current student identification. (You don’t have to have a .EDU.AU email address. I can attest it works with Tafensw.net.au email addressess too. Just remember to scan and submit your TAFE card!)

I’ve been fortunate enough to be a member of Learnable for many months now and I can attest that their courses and eBooks are incredibly helpful resources. Whether it is has been learning about Responsive Design or brushing up on Javascript or learning about Bootstrap, it has been brilliant!

You can ask questions of course and book authors, and also of the community as a whole. (Community Manager Sarah Hawk is particularly awesome and helpful.)

Learnable also have weekly text-based Talks with Experts on a variety of topics. These chats are open to everyone, even non-Learnable members, and can be great if you are new to a topic or are stuck on something specific. Upcoming sessions include topics such as Social Media, HTML5, Spelling and Grammar, and Marketing. Check them out!

So if you’re a current Australian student and are interested in learning about web design and development, check out Learnable’s Scholarship.

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  • Wish we had such great creative learning opportunities in the States!

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