Happy Birthday To Me

It was my 29th birthday yesterday. I’ve never been a ‘bucket list’ kind of guy but somehow the prospect of being one year off thirty made me acutely aware of all the things I haven’t done. The most random things too, like “I’ve never drank sake.”

I drove down the coast to Huskisson determined to do something different for my birthday. It was exactly what I needed too. The minute I stepped out of the car I was hit by the strong salty scent of the sea. Something about it just recharged my circuits. I guess I’ve lived near the sea for most of my life, there’s a connection there. I remember driving towards Canberra once (which is quite inland) and having this strange sense that something was wrong. It occurred to me that the thing I found so disconcerting was that there were no seagulls in the park I was in.

I had a custard and cream cannelloni and coffee for morning tea, and later salt and pepper squid for lunch. But by far the best thing was just walking along the beach – the glorious white sand – and taking in all the sights and sounds. I was grinning like a lunatic. I struggle to remember the last time I was so genuinely excited to be somewhere.

I took a photograph of myself on my birthday on Dailybooth and am working on a painting based on it. It’s a bit crude at the moment but it’s good to be painting again. Especially to be painting with acrylics again. The watercolours have been doing my head in, so it’s nice to return to something I know a little about.

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  • Happy birthday! Can’t wait to see what you’ll paint.

  • Happy birthday, John! It’s been a delight getting to know you a little bit thus far (thanks to the internet!), and I’m wishing you many happy years to come. I hope this year brings you growth, joy, beauty, and adventure! xoxo

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