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It’s been too long between posts, I know. In my defense I’ve been sick in bed with the flu for much of the week. My recovery seems to be a slow going one, but I’m hopeful (and impressed by the wonders of western medicine, which, honestly, I had been quite distrustful of).

I was in the local art supply store a few weeks ago when the woman working behind the counter happened to mention some life drawing sessions that take place in the area. I was vaguely interested, but didn’t quite take in all the details. When I got home I searched the web to see if I could find any details – I couldn’t, but through my search I found something much more interesting.

Turns out that there were weekly art classes in the area. I was interested but tentative, my experience had lead me to believe no teacher is better than a bad (mean spirited, unsupportive) teacher. I sent off an exploratory email and mused over the reply. And the following week I decided to go.

I was so glad that I did too. It is such a wonderfully supportive environment. Minutes into the first class I started nervously denigrating some of my artwork and was promptly told I wasn’t allowed to do such things. It really put me at ease. The other students are all working on their own projects and they’re fascinating. One woman was literally burning an image onto animal skin. It was just really inspiring and invigorating to come into contact with interesting creative people doing creative things.

Sometimes I feel frustrated with what I’m working on, but just knowing there’s someone there to ask for guidance from is a blessing.

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  • It’s great you’re taking a class and I agree about the worst teachers being super critical. I will keep that in mind this summer when I teach creative writing;-)

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