Social Media

History: 140 Characters At A Time


Nothing has made me quite as self-conscious about tweeting as the knowledge that those tweets will be recorded for all of time within the Library of Congress. But I do actually believe in the logic behind the decision.

Hide Annoying Facebook Applications In Your News Feed


I've often griped about Facebook. But the truth is once you deny access to 90% of the Facebook applications and hide anything ending with 'Ville' from your news feed, it gets back to being friends sharing thoughts and images with each other. And that is something I can appreciate.

Twitter and Opinions


Earlier today I enjoyed a coffee and a crossiant at a local cafe. It is the last day of school holidays in this particular part of the world, and consequently children are literally everywhere you look.

Are Online Friends “Real Friends”?


I understand the desire to differentiate between those relationships in daily life and those that exist online. I understand that there are different dimensions and dynamics to both. What I struggle with though is the implication that friendships formed online are in some way inferior, trivial or 'unreal.'

Facebook Statuses At A Glance

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In the top left hand corner of the screen you will see a number of options that let you filter the information in other ways. You can sort by the networks you're a part of, by recent photographs, links and status updates.

Advertisers: Users Engaged ‘For The Sake Of It’


Once upon a time on a video sharing website called YouTube, a woman relayed a tale about a man she met briefly in a Sydney cafe. Apparently he had a bit of a ‘silver slipper’ moment (with apologies to Cinderella) and left his jacket behind.

Fight Club: Social Versus Traditional Media

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I recently wondered if early social media adopters were antisocial, though perhaps users have reason to be suspicious of traditional media 'spin' when it comes to their beloved social media services.

Are Early Adopters Antisocial?


You always know when a social media service you use has appeared in mainstream media because people are talking about it. Both on the service itself and in other places too. There seems to be a mixture of giddy anticipation and trepidation among hardcore users when the likes of Jay Leno, Whoopi Goldberg and Ellen DeGeneres start making mention of Twitter.

The Syntax Of Twitter


John is as John does. Or something. I’ll never forget the words of my year ten English teacher Ms. Beddoe. She wrote: John is a fluent, careful writer. This actually puzzled me more than anything that had appeared on a school report before.

Should My Business Get Involved With Twitter?

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So the question is really do you want to have the opportunity to take part in that communication process (and potentially, hopefully, difuse frustrations with your customer base and avoid further bad publicity) or do you want to go down the old path of "Your call is important to us (okay, not really) please hold for another 3-6 hours."