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I've been doing something over the last couple of days that is unusual for me. I was hesistant to even bring it up because it sounds a little nutty. But basically I'm interested in... WORLD DOMINATION. Okay I've been watching too many episodes of Pinky And The Brain. I should probably take this back a few steps.

YouTube Versus Other Sites

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I think the graph below is very telling. I started a new series of video channels on various video sites. There is only one video on each of the channels. It isn’t very interesting. I didn’t tell anyone – not even my closest friends who routinely visit video websites – that they existed.

A Lesson On Media Consumption


I think if there is anything I’ve learnt in recent times it is that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to consuming media. It isn’t hard to write an article AND create a video AND create a podcast. I daresay contrary to popular belief the message is NOT the medium.