Photoshopping For A New Face


We've heard a lot of rhetoric around how fashion magazines and their kin impact how people feel about themselves. A part of me decided I wanted to take it this idea to it's most logical conclusion.



Lots of people have recorded this song over the years. I kind of wonder who these people are that have had only 'a few' regrets and deemed those too insigificant to even rank a mention. I guess at some point you have to make peace with your choices and their outcomes.

Inevitable Static

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I found myself Googling the word 'inevitable.' In part to check my spelling. But also for another slightly more abstract (slightly silly) reason - just to check if it was indeed a word. Let me explain...

Pulp Friction

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Due to a rather unfortunate printing error Penguin Books Australia has pulped a run of its cookbook, the Pasta Bible.

The Trouble With Experts

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In the nineties the only way to get media attention was to be a self-proclaimed 'expert'. Interestingly there were a plethora of 'expert experts' educating people on how to be the expert in their given field. You didn't have to know a lot; you just needed to know how to communicate well. Media outlets could impress their audiences by using the term and applying it to yourself somehow lent credibility to you - by association, if nothing else.